What to Eat at a Beer Fest


There are many options for food at a Beer fest in Germany. I am actually surprised at how reasonably priced and tasty the food is. I am so used to having only overpriced churros, salty hot dogs, and fried food as options in every festival I’ve been in the US. But NOPE! Not in Germany! Here are some of my personal recommendations on what to eat at a German Beerfest.




I love Pretzels especially if they’re freshly made. I love it with salt or butter or both! It’s great to eat when drinking because they help soak up all that alcohol. They make it quite large and so it’s good for sharing while drinking.



Definitely my favorite among the Swabian dishes and a must try if you’re in the region. I have tried Spatzle in different parts of Germany and nothing compares to the Swabish Spätzle. It is a type of egg noodle mixed with grated cheese (käse).





Flammkuchen is a thin, smoky and crispy German version of pizza. Originating from Southern Germany and the Alsace region in France, it’s cooked in a wood-fired oven and normally topped with creme fraiche, bacon and onions.

Hendl (Roast Chicken)


Every beer tent sells Hendls, either a half or a quarter of a whole roast chicken. I am so impressed with how fresh and tasty these are given that they are sold at a festival.




This is the German version of the crispy pork knuckle. Schweinshaxe is usually marinated and roasted until the skin is crispy and the meat is tender. It usually comes with a potato dumpling and sauerkraut.




I can’t seem to say if this should be breakfast or dessert. Kaiserschmarrn means “pancake of the Emperor” and was named so because it was a favorite dish of Emperor Franz Joseph. It is a fluffy shredded pancake topped with powdered sugar. It is very filling and waaay too much carbs for dessert so I recommend sharing when ordering this one.

I realized that the Stuttgarter Volksfest is not just about the beer. I love that they provide quality fresh food as well making it a great place for families and friends to spend the day for lunch or brunch before the crowds and tourists come.

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