Schloss Linderhof


Linderhof Palace is the smallest among the three fairytale castles of King Ludwig II but it was one he lived to see completed and the one where he stayed the most. It was named after a family called “Linder”, who used to cultivate the farmland for centuries and “hof” which means farm.

If you’ve ever been to Versailles in France, the resemblance on the interior is quite remarkable. This is because King Ludwig II grew up admiring the French “Sun-King” Louis XIV and the glory of the French culture more particularly of the famous chateau. Due to his reverence of King Louis XIV, King Ludwig II established himself as the “Moon-King.”

The series of elaborate castles eventually took a financial toll not only to the King but to the German state of Bavaria as well. Living as a recluse and avoiding all matters of the state didn’t abate the  cabinet’s uneasiness either. King Ludwig II was eventually overthrown and mysteriously died in Lake Starnberg.

In an ironic turn of events, the very castles which caused the king’s financial ruin and may have very well lead to his deposition and untimely death, have become immensely profitable attractions for Bavaria. Since they were opened to the public a few weeks after his death, the palaces attract millions of tourists from all over the world each year.

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