Dine LA: The Bazaar by José Andrés Beverly Hills


Dine LA is here once again! Twice a year for 2 weeks, special lunch and dinner menus are being offered at over 300 restaurants in Los Angeles. It definitely is the best time to experience LA’s culinary diversity. Last weekend, I finally got the chance to try the famous Chef José Andrés’ The Bazaar inside the fanciful SLS Beverly Hills Hotel.

IMG_1508We arrived 30 minutes prior to our reservation (which we made through Open Table) and had enough time to relax and enjoy an aperitif at the Bar Centro. They have an intriguing list of drinks to choose from which complements the atmosphere’s elegant design! I definitely recommend trying one of their smoking cocktails… if you’re feeling fancy, steamy and sexy!

When our table was ready, we were escorted to our seats right by the kitchen where you can see the magic happen! I always appreciate how every person in the culinary team takes part in making a perfectly beautiful piece of art called food! We had the 12 course Dine LA tasting menu which included a welcome glass of Txakoli, which was a sparkling dry white wine. I had high expectations coming into the restaurant and they absolutely didn’t disappoint! Every dish was an explosion of flavors and a pleasant surprise in every bite. I couldn’t wait to get to the next one and to the next one and on to the next. I unfortunately did fail to take a picture of the first dish (too much excitement): the Cotton Candy Foie Gras which was a PERFECT way to start the dinner.



I also failed to take a picture of one other dish which was the Pork Banh Mi Bun. Yes! I did tell you I was excited to try every bite! Every dish complimented the next and the service and pacing was excellent as well. Being popular for bringing the small plate (tapas style) dining experience to the US, Chef José Andrés’ restaurant definitely gives you a taste and feel of Spain with a modern and exquisite twist.

Now off to dessert we go! We were accompanied to the other side of the restaurant which was the Patisserie where they had a number of sweet little desserts to choose from. The Dine LA menu included a choice of either the “Chocolate Cake Of Your Dreams” (salted ganache and Peruvian chocolate mousse) OR the “Traditional Spanish Flan” which had a savory citrusy flavor. Both were a good choice for a finale to the whole evening although I am a chocolate lover and of course favored the chocolate dessert more along with an espresso.



At the end of the night, I had a fantastic time playing dress up and enjoyed every bit that The Bazaar had to offer. From their steamy drinks to their full-flavored tasting menu and to their impeccable desserts. It was truly one of the most wonderful dining experience I’ve had in LA. What and where was your favorite dining experience in your area? Do share in the comments below coz who knows… I might be in the area… someday… when I am gonetraveling once again! Bon Appétit!

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