Becoming Mom

I don’t want to sound too cliche but I guess it does sound like that when I say… it seems only like yesterday when I found out when I was pregnant with my first baby and now I’m only a few weeks away from officially becoming a mom! An unexpectedly pleasant surprise… a journey that will definitely change my life forever.

I have been blessed to have had an easy pregnancy so far. My first trimester went easy breezy actually giving me the best sleep I’ve had in years. My second trimester… same thing except that’s when my belly started to grow along with a funny fluttery feeling that I eventually realized to be the baby’s first kicks. I thoroughly enjoyed the kicking part… it always made me smile and somehow felt connected with my growing little one. But as soon as the third trimester hit was when the problem started for me as I started to have some pelvic pains which affected my ability to work and even do some stuff at home. It did frustrate me a little bit as I had planned to remain active and work until my 9th month. But as with all things, you can’t control everything and all you have to do is face whatever challenges as it comes. I am so grateful and so lucky to have a wonderful Physical therapist who helps me get through this week by week.

Overall, my pregnancy has just been a wonderful blessing the last few months. I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. I always thought that being pregnant would be such a nightmare with all the horror stories I’ve heard and read and or expected… but so far… I do feel blessed! I actually can’t believe how much I wanted it to last a bit longer! Time does fly so fast and these next few weeks I’m hoping to enjoy every second I have with this baby inside me Although I had a very different plan in mind for this year, my experience just showed me that the best plans are God’s plans.

In this section of my blog I will share my experiences, tips and anything under the sun about being a mom as I hope to share my love for travel with my little one and hopefully share these tips with parents who love and who want to travel themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Becoming Mom

  1. So exciting your little one is almost here and that you’ve had a good pregnancy until this point. That’s really positive! It can be so hard going when it goes the other way from the very start. All the best for a peaceful birth and recovery x


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